THE WOW – @ NZ Group Travel we have a clear focus which is to ensure memorable customer experiences. With this in mind, we created the ‘NZGT challenge.’ This translates to wowing our guests as many times as possible whilst they visit our country. This can come in an array of opportunities, be it the grandeur and comfort of one of our luxury lodges. How about an encounter with one of our professional personal tour guides. What about experiencing some of the finest gourmet dining, an adrenaline-driven adventure activity, or a cultural experience? Could even be a sight or scene encountered while touring New Zealand or maybe something else. Our goal is to wow you, are you prepared to be wowed?

The recent journey Ella and I have both undertaken in adding new suppliers and services to our extensive portfolio has left us both going WOW on several occasions. In some cases together, at the same time! We are extremely excited about our niche supply chain and are confident that the extent of choice will offer something for everyone. In some cases, the choice may be a little overwhelming, but we are here to help! Rest assured it’s our job to offer you a menu of some of the finest experiences this country has to offer, both mouth-watering & tantalising at the same time. You may find the choice in some locations may force you to extend your stay. As we have mentioned before, part of the experience and the enjoyment is in the planning, so contact us today & lets make a plan!

I have to be 100% honest here, we can’t wait to do our own road trips and experience some more of these amazing opportunities that we are lining up for you, and your partner or your family.

Experience one of the lands, down-under in the only way possible, our way!