Booking Process

At NZGT Ltd it is our commitment to our customers to go over and above the call of duty when comes to service, communication, support, negotiation & integrity. It’s the small attention to detail that takes a good experience and turns it into something great and we hope a long-term memory!

With the original DMC (destination management company) concept in mind, the company acts as a ground agent for overseas travel specialists. Bringing groups of travellers to experience pre-planned and detailed itineraries to destinations throughout the world. This is what we now do on a smaller scale and to a different market sector. Very interesting to look back over some of our original group quotes and itineraries back in 2002/3 valued @ $200,000, how things have changed in almost 20 years.

Every trip that we plan is unique to each customer and their detailed requirements, ascertained at the original consultation stage. A shortlist of accommodation will be selected and offered, information on your local area with a detailed menu of trips available for your consideration.

These will be discounted rates which we have already pre-negotiated with our preferred supply-chain or renegotiated at the time of booking (net/cost rates and non-commissionable). Be sure to revert to our about us page and read some of our airline/hotel letters of reference, and see what we are good at!

With current COVID rules, we do believe payment terms will be more flexible, this is very important to us. Deposits will be paid to secure a reservation and cancellation charges would apply. We will engage our suppliers to bill clients directly, in order that our customers pre-pay with a credit card (additional insurance) before arrival or undertaking a service

MONEY SECURITY – due to our process and systems our clients pay directly to our suppliers. We charge a nominal booking inquiry fee at the start for undertaking a full trip request. A detailed itinerary could take up to a week to plan, with possible further consultations required during this period. On presenting a full trip itinerary a nominal 2nd fee would be charged. These charges are towards the time taken planning and presenting your luxury trip to New Zealand. On confirming your International travel dates we then book all agreed products and services for you. Your trip will have a net cost value and we charge a 10% booking fee on the total. This is payable at 30% before you arrive, 2nd 30% halfway through your trip and then 40% balance when your trip is complete.