My Queenstown Experience 2020

Queenstown New Zealand is arguably the most naturally beautiful city in New Zealand. Therefore, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand. The beautiful mountains, lakes and glaciers create an amazing oasis for any tourist. 

Lake Wakatipu
Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

As a recent tourist in Queenstown, I was taken in by its beauty. The beautiful backdrop of mountains, and lakes that Queenstown sits on provides incredible views from any part of town. Even the flight itself was jaw-dropping!  


There are multiple activities as a tourist you can do in Queenstown. Personally, one of my highlights of the trip was the amazing Onsen Pools, because of the incredible views and a private pool. You can also relax with their massages, facials or any of their other packages. It is so peaceful and calm that you could spend hours there. It truly is a beautiful, calm sanctuary. 

Queenstown is known for the picturesque Mountains, which yes in Winter means the slopes are open for all of your winter fun. As a tourist, I loved Skiing at the Cardrona Ski Field. Particularly at Cardrona, there are multiple runs compared to the other ski fields in and around Queenstown. Cardona ski field is about a 1-2 hour journey out of Queenstown it arguably has the best skiing and snowboarding facilities. It is also an amazing place for any first-time skiers or snowboarders, as it is easy to hire gear and get lessons. Compared to the other ski fields Cardrona is also a lot less busy, due to location.

Heli-skiing is also very popular in Queenstown, and more luxurious for you and a group of friends. Even if you are not skiing or snowboarding there is an option to go up the mountain and have a fine dining experience like no other. 

Cardrona Skifield viewing area
Cardrona Skifield viewing area

The Luge and Gondola ride was also an amazing experience. As a group, we went in the evening. Which was awesome because you could see the skyline glistening with all of the lights, however, the visibility would have been slightly better during the day. There is also a cafe at the top of the Gondola ride (where the luge starts) that has some incredible views of Queenstown. During the day this would be a great place to get lunch and take some quality photos of the skyline. The luge itself is a must-do. You can race your friends or family, have a bit of healthy competition and get an adrenaline rush all in one go. There is a beginner track and a fast track to cater to everyone. 

Gondola Queenstown

Another thrill-seeking activity to do in Queenstown is Jet Boating. Departing from the waterfront and driving out throughout the beautiful lakes of Queenstown. This experience not only was an adventure but it also got our hearts racing. The boat can reach speeds of 90-100km p/h and rides over shallow water. It also drives through some of the unseen or possibly hard to be seen areas throughout Queenstown. Although we went in mid-winter it meant that it was cold on the boat. Make sure you are wearing layers so you aren’t too cold (if it is winter). 


Arrowtown is a beautiful, quaint town just outside of Queenstown. It is a historic gold mining town that was founded in the 1800s. Most of the architecture in Arrowtown has been kept for historical purposes. It was lovely to walk around and read all of the signs regarding the history of Arrowtown. 

Arrowtown Lakeside
Arrowtown Lakeside
Streets of Arrowtown
Beautiful Streets of Arrowtown


As well as the amazing views and activities, Queenstown also provides a wide range of delicious food options. There is something for everyone. Queenstown Harbour has a wide range of fine dining. You can even have a fine dining experience on a boat that rotates through the harbour. One of the most popular burger restaurants in New Zealand is located in Queenstown. Fergburger is located in the main part of town and is arguably one of the best burger joints in New Zealand. We got our Burgers and took them to the waterfront, and they were as delicious as everyone had said. Due to popularity Fergeburger is often busy so make sure you order online to avoid the queues. Why not do what we did and sit by the waterfront and eat your burger with an amazing view? 

Fergburger Queenstown
Fergburger Queenstown

Speaking of the amazing food there is the famous Cookie Time Cookies store where you can get all types of milkshakes, cookie sandwiches, cookie dough, ice-cream and of course the famous cookies. I had the most delicious cookies from there, possibly some of the best cookies I have ever had. If you have a sweet tooth I could not recommend the cookie bar enough for your sweet treats/dessert. 

Be sure to check out Queenstown if you are ever lucky enough to visit New Zealand. It is truly one of the most beautiful cities in New Zealand. I can’t wait to visit Queenstown in the summer, as I know it will be as beautiful, possibly even more beautiful.

The Beautiful Queenstown Lakes
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