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For people with the travel bug, the volcanoes, beaches, forests, and spectacular hills of New Zealand make it a country that provides an unmatched panorama of natural beauty. As well as the rendezvous with nature, New Zealand offers a plethora of travel options which makes travel in this country a luxurious experience.

There is also one particular charismatic that makes the trip to New Zealand an experience of a lifetime, and that is the absence of a huge crowd. Small islands in a remote location with a small population, New Zealand attracts only those who truly appreciate the wonders of this country and are looking for a truly special journey.

New Zealand has over 700 beaches and a coastline of 15,000 km, you can never really quench your thirst for an unprecedented marine experience. But a great view is not all there is to drool over. The world-class cuisine makes the experience even more wonderful.

Imagine having a delicious meal on a rugged coastline while enjoying the sunset and a rich marine and birdlife. This coastal scenery is on everyone’s bucket list. Alternatively, you can go surfing or have a trip to the vineyards and sample world-class wine. Other options include a wide array of adventure sports in Queenstown and a hike on the ice of the West Coast glaciers. Should you get tired of this, there are several lakes and alpine ranges that will just take your breath away.


Adding to the actual luxury of the travel to the country is the availability of unmatched lodges. One stay in these lodges will result in you falling in love with this country. Another memorable experience is a private helicopter ride to take you across active volcanoes and glacier-covered peaks.

New Zealand Adventours

You can opt for a whale-watching flight or a jet boat safari which gives you an unforgettable experience. People escaping their busy routines can find solace a picnic on a private beach, a walk to a hidden waterfall, or a game on the highly-rated golf courses. The Bay of Islands in the North, Blenheim in the South, Rotorua and Hawk’s Bay in between these are just some of the highlights of the multitude of travel locations in New Zealand.


If you are a fan of “The Lord Of The Rings” or “The Hobbit”, you might want to consider taking a private cruise on beautiful Lake Taupo. This is where these movies were filmed. Here, you can also enjoy splendid whitewater rafting, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, or even sailing on local lakes.

Want to explore more options? You can take a roundtrip Expedition from Dunedin or Forgotten islands of the south pacific, two of the best and most luxurious cruises in New Zealand. The country is filled with 5-star hotels so wherever you travel, you can always enjoy a deluxe stay. All in all, New Zealand is a country that can accommodate your every need and always exceed your expectations in terms of luxury and comfort.

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